FilePursuit For Android TV

FilePursuit For Android TV

he FilePursuit offers quick indexing and searching for files to the users of the app. Imagine that there are files over thousands or millions. You can’t find it easily. Actually inside the databases and files located on multiple servers. The FilePursuit app provides you an easy method to get the necessary file among the records in a quick way. All databases will be updated every day. By the above app a link of people can be created. From that link all people all over the world can get into one location. The most special feature is FilePursuit for Android TV provides the users with a high-quality search. 

I guess by the above paragraphs you have built up a brief idea about the above FilePursuit app. Then after let us see the technical details of the app. The FilePursuit app is about an 8.8 MB sized app. The latest version of the app is 1.2.04. Until now the app has performed about 1,000,000 downloads so far. The shades offered the above app for the users. To work with the above app you are required with a device with android version 4.2 and the upwards. The FilePursuit app can be categorized as a tools app. If you are unable to install this app from Play Store for Android TV, You can use Filelinked.

Features of the FilePursuit TV APK

Searching ability.
Actually the above file explorer has unlimited ability to do file searching. Because the above FilePursuit can access all the files over the world. 

High-quality searching
The all searching abilities with the best quality of the app. Surely you will feel amazed by the activity of the searching.

Saving time
It saves the time that is spent to search the above files manually. And the app performs the search on the best speed the app can take.

Millions of records
There are such a number of records contained in the app. But within a second the app will show you the most matching record for your searching.

No, any content
There is no content present in the app. It is only a searching tool. It provides a certain location to the place where the respective file is located. Therefore we can call this a search engine too.

The above are the existing features of the above FilePursuit app. Then after let us see what are the newly added ones.

New improvements and features added with latest updates.

  • The existed bugs and known issues have fixed.
  • Minor improvements can be seen.
  • On default of night mode.
  • You could use voice for the searching.
  • Previewing of audio and the video.
  • The app supports the remote controller of the TV.
  • Some ads have been removed.
  • UI has improved.
  • You can select the e-book preview for the file formats.

So, all these are the facts of the above FilePursuit app. Now I think you can understand how important this app is.

The above app is rated for the 3+.parental guidance is not so much required. There are some ads contained in the app. But with the latest version of the app most of those ads are removed. Then your experience won’t be deteriorated by the presence app.   And the service is not at all free. You have to pay about 1$ – $4 per item. You have to pay that amount only, if you are expecting the new features. 

And the app is safe and secured. You don’t need to worry about the data. Even the FilePursuit app is a legally permitted app. You can use it without any barrier. I have told you about the importance of the app. Now you can decide if you are using the app or not.


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