Google Classroom APK Download for Android | 6.9.381.06.32

Google Classroom is a wonderful application that belongs to Google. It improves and increases the ICT possibilities for the user classroom, so here all the gratitude goes to Google. Because of this possibility, teachers, as well as students from the same school, can easily connect together. So Google Classroom is a must simpler way and it is free for non-profit organizations and all the educational centers.

For your Android smartphone now you can easily download Google Classroom and it is simple. If you registered as a teacher, then you can add students directly through their emails. Then you are free to use specially designed access code. After a few seconds, you can easily configure the whole class and Google Classroom is very well known as a safe application. 

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom can define as a free web service. It was developed by Google and it is suitable for schools. It is the best paperless way of distributing, creating, as well as grading assignments. So, no more worries. As here you can easily manage them all. When concerned about the primary purpose of this, here it is the best way to streamline the process of sharing files among teachers and students.

Google Classroom is a combination of most of Google services such as,

  • Google Drive- Used for  distribution and assignment creation  
  • Google Docs – Is the best way to write using  Slides and Sheets. Making presentations, and calculations 
  • Gmail can use for communication
  • Google Calendar is the bestway for scheduling

Using private codes students can join those classes or using school domain students can be automatically imported. In the respective user’s Drive, each class can create a separate folder. Then students can submit work for teachers to mark and grade. The best thing is, here teachers can return work and it allows providing comments along. Here students can save a lot of paper, and not anymore you will face trouble with the due dates or losing data. 

Sign in to Google classroom

Here you can follow the below steps to sign in for Google classroom first time

  • Tap on the downloaded Google classroom app. 
  • Enter your username and then tap next.
  • Enter your password and tap next.
  • You can see and welcome message. Read it and tap on Accept.
  • Teachers and students have to select I’m A Student or I’m A Teacher
  • Then click on Get Started

Features of Google classroom

Google classroom is a combination of,

  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets 
  • Google Slides
  • Gmail 

Download and install Google Classroom

Here users have the freedom to directly download the Google classroom apk from the internet. For that, you can use a reliable direct download link. Then,

  1. Download Google classroom apk from the internet
  2. Go to device settings. Change security settings by enabling unknown sources. If not you cannot continue the installation longer.  
  3. Then open the downloaded Google classroom apk file. Begin the installation. 
  4. Here you have to agree with terms and conditions, so tap to agree with them all. Now you can continue the installation. 
  5. It takes only several seconds. Finally, you have done it. 

By following the above steps you can easily download Google classroom to your Android smartphone freely.  

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