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Line Apk 10.17.1 Latest Version Free Download For Android

Line apk 10.17.1 is from a company called NHN Corp. You can download this latest version from the trusted download link given on this site. The best thing about this messenger app is you can download it to many platforms. So people who use different kinds of smart platforms can connect in together with this amazing application.

line apk

Line Apk and Main Features

The main tasks of this Line Apk messenger app are instant text messages, sending images, sending videos, audio messages, and also the users can make international calls or the local ones using the VOTLE feature on this app. All those calls are absolutely free and both Voice and Video calls are available. When having a text conversation, you can add emojis to it. There are lots of emojis available to use. These emojis can be used to make your conversation interested. There is plenty of free emojis and also paid emojis that you can download.

Video Call Group

The latest feature of the Line Apk messenger is the group video call feature. This cool feature enables 200 contacts to connect in one video call at the same time. All the faces of 200 people will be on the device app screen alternatively. One of the other best features regarding the video call is you can add filters to your face during the video call. Some filters work according to the facial movements. These filters are from the Line camera app.

Line Apk Private Groups

Just think of an instance that you want to send one message to a huge group of people at the same time. This could be your office or business co-workers, friends, or family. So the best option you can take for this kind of task is the Line Apk app. This has a private group feature that can add 200 members to a single group. When you send your special message to this group you can know whether they have read this message or not.

The Amazing Timeline Feature on Line Apk

There is a timeline on Line Apk messenger that you can use to share your images, videos, statuses, etc. So this feature helps you to connect with the people more than you could with the other instant messaging apps. Your friends can react to those shares on your timeline and get in touch with you.

Reward Points From Tapjoy

Line Apk partnered with TapJoy company recently with the latest version of this app. The benefit of this partnership is the users of this app have the ability to earn reward points easily by connecting with Tapjoy. The value of earning reward points is you can buy emojis, stickers, and other in-app purchases. So these reward points work as a currency on the app and millions of people use this for the purchases.

Line Apk Download For Android iOS and PC

You can download Line Apk for your Android device for free. You need to have an Android 4.0 version minimum for the installation. This app is available at many Android stores. IOS users can easily download the app from the Appstore. Then the PC users have to download the PC Version of this app and there is a Version for Mac too.

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