Lumii App- Photo Editing App Perfect For Any Photo Lover

Lumii App- Photo Editing App Perfect For Any Photo Lover

Lumii App is a free photo editor for Android and it allows you to adjust just about every part of your photos.

You can add filters, blur effects, and more and the app also features crop tools, a built-in editor with adjustable cropping and rotation, as well as advanced tools such as color picker and color wheel.

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Lumii is an app that allows you to edit your photos with ease, the editing tools are packed with features such as brushes, masks, filters, effects and more.

Distinct Traits Of Lumii App

Lumii App is a photo editing tool that allows users to easily import pictures, edit them and share them with friends.

The app includes editing tools such as brushes, masks, filters and effects and it’s a great way to get creative on the go.

Furthermore, it has its own social features as well, it will automatically send your photos on Instagram or Facebook when you’re done with the editing so you can share your work with others.

This is a user-friendly photo editor, with a simple and beautiful interface that allows you to switch between editing modes and get creative with your photos.

With Lumii App, you can add unique filters, crops, borders and effects without any hassle.

This has built-in presets for different styles of photography, including surreal, abstract, and black and white.

This is an app that lets you edit your photos on the go, quickly edit a photo with the apps editing tools and share your edited images on Instagram, Facebook, or anywhere else.

You can quickly and easily make your selfies look like they were taken by professional photographers with the apps powerful editing tools.

Lumii App lets you, edit your photos in seconds with the intuitive photo editor, add stickers, overlays and frames to your photos with the apps personalized effects library.


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