B612 android app free download link in 2021

B612 android app free download link in 2021

Make more perfect selfie videos with more editing effects with the B612 android apk. Use the sublime filters to create the videos more amazing. You are capable to apply the specific tools that you wanted to use while editing. There are more types of stickers that the editors are able to use. Create videos more stylish. Use face technology to enhance the quality of the video. 


Now the studio has upgraded with the latest version of the 9.4.10. That is about an 85.03 MB sized app. You can experience all the specific features here by starting the stated B612 application. 

Features of the B612 android app

Diverse stickers 

  There are over 1500 types of stickers present in the B612 stickers. Those different types of stickers are for diverse functions. Make your face into the look of the animal by using facial expressions. 


  Use the shiny filters and more stylish filters to create the video unique. Use the drawings to insert the drawings into the video. Create all the situations of the video by using real-time beauty tools. 

Make the face features more ideal 

  Make the skin of the face more perfect just with only a single click. Explore the face shape with the help of the android application. 

Use filters to suit your favor

   The high-quality expert filters are for the foods as well as for the selfies. 

Quick access 

   The editors can access the all effects more quickly, and find out the most used filters just in a second. 

Create high-quality music videos 

 Combine the music with the video clip that you are creating. So you are able to use your favorite music item. And use already recorded voice clips or any song. 

Meet more cute characters 

   Along with the stickers, you could create more cute characters. Also you can use AR stickers. But this feature is only available in some specific devices. 

Boomerang videos 

 Enjoy much more by creating more boomerang videos. Also, create them and play a loop. 

More editing tools 

  Not only the videos, but this is also applicable to the images in the gallery. Use the existing editing tools for the editing purpose of the images. Make your photos unique. 

collage creation 

  By collecting all the images and specific images, collect a collage. By that action you can keep your memories in a place. 

New technology 

   More new technologies have been introduced along with this B612 application. So the new face technology and image segmentation have been introduced. 

Download links for the B612 APK


Requirements and the main facts about B612


  The application is rated for the 3+. Parental guidance is not required much more while using the app. Also, there is no more harmful content. Therefore you don’t want to worry about the content. 

Contain ads 

There are some advertisements contained herein this B612 app. Those are here because this is a free app. You won’t be disturbed by these ads. 

Free app  

  The users don’t want to pay for this exclusive feature here. Also, all of these features are offered for free for every user. 


 Due to the popularity of this B612 application, over 5 million people have joined with the application. 

Legal confirmation 

   The B612 is permitted legally. So there are no restrictions against the B612 app. Use it freely as you wanted. 

What’s new with the latest version of the B612 app 

  • The studio has upgraded 
  • Introducing more new features
  • The exited bugs are fixed 
  • More advanced can be seen 

  The stated B612 is an expert application for editing purposes. Utilize this app for your all editing requirements. It will help you with the method which you need for sure. Start today onwards to experience with many more features. 


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