Xender android apk latest version free download 2021

Xender android apk latest version free download 2021

Everybody wants to share files on mobile with their friends or with someone. They use some external app to do it and everyone expects a top speed. Xender is the best app for sharing files without any data charge or fee, because of some following reasons


You can send videos, music audios, and any file whatever you want with a nearby smartphone, computer, or Jio phone. This app becomes the main app for sharing files with over 550 million users. It’s totally no ads like others and no bugs. Xender is a user friendly and smooth app. Therefore it will be easy to do your work. And also there are new features introduced by Xender for their users.

Video to audio converter, video downloader, games hub is few of them. With all those features Xender is just only 17 MB in size.

Features of the Xender 

Can send any size of a file without limitation

You can send any file on your device without worrying about the size of the file. It never reduces the file quality or size and doesn’t damage the contents in that file, video, or whatever. 

Best sharing speed

The top speed can reach about 40 Mb/s. That means you can send a video or something in a few seconds. If you send a song at a rate you can hardly imagine. That may be the fastest app you have ever used.

Convert video to audio

This is a new feature introduced by Xender. Anyone wants to convert a music video to an audio file of course he wants another external app. Now everyone can do it via just their sharing app. If you like to only listen to a song without video you don’t want to waste your battery life further. Xender can convert the audio easily.

Free of data charge

You don’t need any internet connection, cable, USB connection, or Pc software. So, it’s fully free of data charge. You can send or receive files anywhere.

Download social media status 

Xender users can directly download Whatsapp status, Facebook videos, and Instagram videos. Download and you can share with your friends those statuses. Your data will be saved because you don’t want another application for that work anymore.

File manager 

Whatever app you use, storage problems are common for everyone. But the Xender file manager helps you view and move or delete things while you are sharing files.

Send everything 

You can send all types of data using this app like contacts, massage, videos, music, games, zip files, folders, and whatever you want. When you just received it you can play them. If you changed your phone this app helps to get all data from your old device. 

Game hub

There are about 100 of various games you can play without installing or downloading. When you are in free time you can play games just using Xender.

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Requirements and the main facts about Xender


Permissions and safety 

You have to allow some permissions to access the camera, contacts, location, call logs, SMS, storage, and a few others. It all has reasons like cameras to take pictures and videos, contacts to read and modify when you want to share them. You can disable access for these permissions in settings.

You have nothing to worry about security and safety because your privacy is protected and no third party actions here. This is a permitted app to use worldwide and there aren’t any complaints about this app.    

Supported languages 

With English, there are 32 languages supported by Xender. Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, Greek, German and Korean are few of them,

With those, all features Xender is the best app for sharing things whatever you want. This app has 4.2 stars out of 5 with over 2 million reviews. It’s an all in one app. So, enjoy it with Xender.


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