Friday Night Funking Mobile Game Free Download For Android 2023

Friday Night Funking Mobile Game Free Download For Android 2023

Friday Night Funking is a rhythm-based dance game that features a diverse cast of characters, funky music, and a lively environment.

Players can follow the easy steps of the game and dance to their favorite songs or create their own moves, with the interactive dance floor.


Friday Night Funking is a rhythm dancing video game that is steadily gaining popularity and the game’s creator, Fanny Xu, has a background in dance and choreography.

Distinct Traits of Friday Night Funking

When she decided to create her own game, she wanted it to be one that her children could play and enjoy together.

She focused on gameplay that would allow players to move their bodies, not just using controllers.

The player’s avatar and the other avatars they dance with are crabs, which Xu says was a way of creating a game that is inclusive for both male and female players.

Friday Night Funking is a rhythm-based video game that allows players to connect with each other in a unique and creative way.

The game is available on PC and consoles, and includes songs from the funk genre where the players can dance, get funky, and have a great time doing so.

In 2009, the game was featured on NBC’s hit show “America’s Got Talent” in the audition round of the show.

The Friday Night Funking rhythm dancing video game is a fun and competitive video game that is all about rhythm and dance.

The game features 24 different dance styles like salsa, tango, swing, bachata and more and the game can be played on any device that has a screen and a camera.

The goal is to follow the four-beat kick, the four-beat clap and the four-beat swing to dance along with the music and compete on weekly leaderboards.

The player controls their character with a touch-screen interface and the game uses both optical and accelerometer input to determine which direction the player is moving and their body position.

There are three dance modes available: freestyle, traditional pro-style and a form of breakdancing known as “bully funk”.

Friday Night Funking game contains over 50 songs from artists such as DJ Khaled, Drake, Beyoncé, Kanye West etc.





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